About Us

We are a UAE based Consultancy company specialized in Power of Attorney and corporate services offering full range of POA services, online POAs including POA drafting, POA representation, documents clearing, mainland & free zone company formations and attestation services. Our POA drafts are prepared by expert team and reviewed by Lawyers in respective jurisdictions who give complete consideration to your requirements and tailor your POA to your specific needs. While drafting your Power of Attorney, our experts take into consideration every needs & detail to ensure that the Power of Attorney is tailored to your specific requirements. 

Committed to the ecofriendly sustainable Government policies and development, we have created simple and paperless ways to order your Power of Attorney online prepared by experts, from the comfort of your home or office. 

Having 10+ years of experience in corporate services and served several number of customers based in the UAE and worldwide, we are currently able to offer drafting services of following types of documents:

  • Power of Attorney Business Transactions
  • Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions
  • Power of Attorney Real Estate Transactions
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Matters
  • Revocation of Existing Power of Attorney
  • Board Resolutions

We also can be of your trusted and efficient professional representative. These services will be of particular interest and benefit to you by providing a Power of Attorney, if:

  • you are not able to attend formalities to complete any government transaction.
  • you are looking to save travelling expenses and time required to seal a deal.
  • you do not have any relatives and/or family members in the United Arab Emirates who otherwise would have acted as your POA agents.

Why choose Online

  • You can order our services online from the comfort of your desk from anywhere in the world.
  • You will have an opportunity to review your POA and suggest changes during the process of your POA preparation.
  • We act as a ‘one-stop’ solution provider for all your POA needs as our services range from POA drafting, representation to legalization of your POA across many countries.