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POA Drafting

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that enables you to designate another person with the power to act in your place when you are unable to do so yourself.


POA Representation

In the event that you are unable to represent yourself personally, we provide expert Power of Attorney representation services at various government agencies.

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Property Gifting

Real estate is given or donated voluntarily to a family member or business, without receiving anything in return.


POA Online Notarization

In the UAE, do you need to notarize your power of attorney? No longer necessary to attend notary public offices.


Property Conveyancing

Real estate ownership transfers are a lengthy procedure that requires several administrative tasks, permissions, and approvals.


Documents Attestation / Legalization

We can certify a variety of papers for usage in the UAE while coming from abroad or the other way around.

Types of POA's


General POA

In the UAE, general powers of attorney are used whenever a principal requires the agent to execute any or all of the following actions...


Special Power of Attorney

In certain cases, a third party or a government agency may ask the agent to give a special power of attorney outlining the specifics of the transaction...


Real Estate POA

In the UAE, with the exception of Al Ain, a property power of attorney authorizes another person to purchase, manage, and/or sell real estate on your behalf...


Company POAs

A company POA is a power of attorney granted by the company to any individual or Person to act on its behalf and practice any power that the company chooses...


Vechicle POA

A vehicle power of attorney allows someone to sell your vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles, on your behalf...


Revocation POA

To revoke a previously granted power of attorney, a legal agreement known as a "revocation of the power of attorney" can be used...

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